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Review of Facial


Okay, I realized they sell the whole milk in those little tiny milk bottles, so I bought one to try this recipe.

 Short story:  4 out of 5 stars.

I mixed it up and was surprised at how much it made.  I recommend either making just half of the recipe, sharing with a friend, or saving half for another time.  I did the last.  We’ll see how long it will last.  I probably wouldn’t use it more than once a week…

Okay, on to the results:  I thought my face was soft before, (I’m not bragging, but I did get my mom’s great skin!).  This is amazing!  My face literally feels like baby skin.  The only issues I have with it are: It gets very sticky.  Even though I avoided my eye area, I could still feel my eye lashes sticking together.  And make sure you wear either a ratty shirt or a towel tucked into the neck (or nuthin) cause it’s going to get very sticky.  And if you get it in your hair, more than likely it’s not coming out until you shampoo…And use warm water to rinse.  If you use cold you’ll rub off about 7 layers of skin…

Overall, I like this facial, but I will do it differently next time.  I will probably make less of it, and I will wear a sleep shirt while it’s on.  And I’ll probably do it right before I get in the shower.  What did you think?


Homemade Facial (& you probably have the ingredients on hand!)


This recipe isn’t exactly for food (although you could eat it, I wouldn’t recommend it).  However, this recipe is about indulgence.  Taking care of yourself will allow you to better take care of those you care about.  This is from the February 2008 issue of Real Simple.  Let me know if you enjoy it!

 1/4 cup brown sugar

2 Tbs WHOLE milk*

 After cleansing, massage this mixture onto your face.  Wait 15 minutes then rinse off.

*The article specifies whole milk, however I never buy whole milk.  I will try it with 2% and let you know how it feels.  If you do buy whole milk, try it and let us know the results! Now, go pamper yourself! 🙂