I’m 25-no, 26 as of 12-17-07 so I’m still not used to it yet…

I’m a full time student at Gardner Webb University (You may have heard about our basketball team kickin Kentucky’s butt) majoring in Human Services.  Basically I want to be a counselor of some sort.  This past semester was my roughest ever.  I was taking three seated classes and a 90 hour internship, so I didn’t get to cook much.  We ate out a lot.  I mean  A LOT.  So now I’m recommitting to fixing meals for my family most nights of the week.  My family includes Mom, Shirley; Dad, Gary; Fiance’, Justin; 3 cats (Tigger, Oliver, & Simba) and 2 aquariums with assorted waterbabies.  So our house is kinda busy.  No one can remember anyone else’s schedule (honestly, I think we all do well to remember our own), and once we get home we’re hungry and not ready to wait an hour and a half while dinner is being fixed.  (And, more importantly, no one wants to spend an hour and a half cooking it).  So!  I have resolved to be more organized this semester and manage to fix dinner most nights.  Warning:  This may not actually happen.  But I’m gonna try it.  So buckle up, keep hands, feet, and heads inside the ride at all times, and hold on to your butts!

Oh, and we all have “food things”.  Dad doesn’t eat vegetables or fish unless they’re fried.  Mom will say she likes something even though she doesn’t (either that or she likes it one time, but not the next), Justin likes things sometimes but not others (he’ll eat mushrooms one day and pick them out the next), and I can’t stand for my food to touch (green beans usually get the privilege of their own bowl).  So yeah.  This should be fun.


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