Great Iced Coffee (a how to)


I love coffee, iced or hot.  But I hate paying 5 bucks (or more) for a gourmet cuppa coffee.  Here’s how I make my own iced coffee.  (You can also use the final product in warm coffee, just heat it up in the microwave or on the stove.)

You need:

A french press (or 2 large bowls, a fine mesh strainer and some big filters. But it is worth the price to get the french press, much easier and not as messy).

1 cup coarse ground coffee (either use your own grinder or grind it at the store.  Using pre ground coffee will mean your coffee will be crunchy)

1 qt cold fresh water

Bamboo skewer, long plastic spoon, or a chop stick

1 qt container to store in the fridge

some time


I will write these instructions for using a french press, since it is easier.  The amounts will not vary if using the bowls. Put a qt of water in your french press (it will come up to the bottom of the band around the top). Add the ground coffee.  Stir with a bamboo skewer, (do NOT use metal, it will eventually crack the french press). Put on the cover, but do not plunge.  Allow to sit over night.  Gently plunge the coffee, and pour into the storage container (I use a rubbermaid one that fits in the door of the fridge).

To mix up some coffee, add equal parts coffee and milk in a mug, flavor and sweeten as desired.  To make hot coffee, mix equal parts water and coffee, heat as desired, then sweeten and add cream.  I use about 4 oz coffee and 4 oz milk, but play around with the ratios and see what suits your taste.  I usually add some sugar free vanilla torani syrup.  This is a great way to use flavored coffees, since the long brewing time really develops the flavor.


This method of brewing also reduces the acidity and the caffeine content of the coffee.



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