Helping hungry animals


I know that money is tight right now.  I know that the last thing people want to see is another plea for money.  But this is for something that I think a lot of people don’t consider in times like this.  I am sure most of you would consider yourselves as animal lovers.  Most of you probably have at least one pet.  What if you had to choose between food for your children and food for your pet?  What if you had to give that pet up because you couldn’t feed it?  What would you tell your kids?  This is a charity that provides cat or dog food to people who are in need.  If you can donate even just one dollar, or five, please do it.  Most people don’t think about how the economy affects animals, but it truly does.  In potentially drastic ways.

If you absolutely cannot donate money, here is another way for you to help hungry animals.  And it doesn’t cost you anything.  Freekibble is a non profit organization that posts questions each day.  Whether you answer right or wrong, they donate 10 pieces of kibble to a shelter.  You can donate to dogs: or cats:

You can also sign up to receive an email reminder to answer each day’s trivia question.  Please take a few minutes to help hungry animals.


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