Review of London Broil


Oh wow.  This is outstanding.  The gravy is delicious and is so rich it has an almost meaty flavor to it.  I believe this is the new flavor umami I’ve been hearing about.  Okay, on to the meat.  The meat is not juicy, but definately not dry either.  There is plenty of moisture retained in the meat and the gravy infuses the meat with wonderful flavor.  The texture is tender and the meat falls apart easily.  Not too salty (which is big for me) but chock full of flavor.  Bottom line, super simple to make (it was in the crock pot cooking within literally 5 minutes of my taking the meat out of the fridge), absolutely delicious and I think it will satisfy a lot of people’s cravings for comfort food that pops up this time of year.  Serve it with rice and crusty bread to soak up that delicious gravy but potatoes and carrots would be good too.


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